The Four Divisions of Seelie

A Synopsis by Amber Thorbjorn

From its initial foundation at the beginning of the United Era (UE), Seelie has split its resources across four primary divisions, each named for one of the faerie leaders who had, in the years prior, reclaimed the Innerworld and restored the Sidhe Court after its dissolution during the Great Cataclysm. Although the organisation gained much of its fame — and infamy — for its military actions during the Apostle Wars, its primary purpose has always been the re-establishment of society and civilisation, as evidenced by the breadth of its work.

Amaterasu DivisionArtistic Development and Application

Perhaps the most famous of the four divisions, thanks to the aforementioned Apostle Wars, the Fire Queen’s division covers the “application of aethereal energies” — what the average person would call “magic” — and oversees the growth and development of artistic visions. Artists are vital to Seelie, as they bridge the gap between material and aethereal, allowing humans to perform extraordinary feats without the need for technology. Because of this, the Artistic Division helps to empower all of the others, and forms the front line of defence against threats such as the Apostles and the Erebus.

Thetis DivisionInformation Development and Application

True to the elemental nature of its namesake, the Ocean Queen’s division focuses its attention on the acquisition and development of knowledge. This covers everything from scientific and historical research — the quest to discover the truth behind the fall of the Old World and the Cataclysm that followed being a primary concern — to espionage and scrying. This division is also home to Seelie’s strategists and diplomats, who work to ensure the organisation treads on as few a toes as possible.

Ishara DivisionCommunity Development and Application

Named for the Mountain Queen, the Ishara Division is perhaps the oldest of the four, with its history extending back to the foundations of the Human-Sidhe alliance in Zealand, some thirty-odd years before Seelie’s official establishment. In exchange for helping the wayward spirits restore the Sidhe Court, their human allies asked for their help in establish a secure community in which those who abandoned the Seven Cities could seek refuge. Thusly, the Ishara Division focuses its efforts on developing the community and supplying it with all its basic needs, from food and shelter, to education, health, law enforcement, and defence.

Áine DivisionPersonal Development and Application

Just as the humans asked for help establishing a new society as part of their alliance with the renegades elementals who would go on to form the Sidhe Court, so too did those young spirits insist that humans take time out from work and business to relax and enjoy themselves. The Áine Division, named for the Forest Queen Áine Echraide, exists to make sure Seelie officers — and, indeed, the communities they support — let their hair down every once in a while. It’s not all play, however, as this Division also works to support officers’ physical, mental and spiritual development.

The usage of ‘faerie’ here would be accurate, as the present Sidhe Court did not exist at the time. Besides, ‘faerie’ is different to ‘fairy’; it’s the last one they really don’t like!