The Seelie Initiate Program

A synopsis by Amber Thorbjorn

For over a hundred years, Seelie has been working to restore the world after centuries of ruin, and it is no easy take. That is why all those who wish to join Seelie must first undergo a selection test, and those who don’t quite measure up, but show obvious potential, are passed on to the Seelie Initiate Program.

The Initiate Program splits its teaching into three levels of increasing difficulty. The Third Class teaches the most basic of skills required of any prospective employee and, once a student has graduated, they may either choose to move up to the Second Class, or accept an enlisted role in Seelie’s local operations. A Third Class qualification is also useful for those seeking employment outside of local industries and militia groups.

The Second Class is comprised of advanced lessons that build on the student’s basic skills. A Second Class qualification can lead to enlistment in Seelie’s regional operations, but is more often used for entry to First Class lectures. The First Class qualification is required for acceptance into Seelie Academy’s Officer Program, which forms the backbone of the organisation’s operations.

Initiate training is split into six month terms, with exams held every summer and winter, and each initiate is given two chances to pass their exam. This means the longest anyone can stay with the Program is three years, although most initiates achieve their goals within two.

Actual lessons themselves, often run by local officers during their periods of downtime, are optional and held in and around the local Seelie theatre. Each initiate is assigned a personal tutor at the start of their term, who helps to advise them on which lessons they should attend and which areas they need to focus on. Third Class students are, on average, only expected to attend four days of instruction, but First Class students will often spend their whole week in study. Higher Classes also open up more of Seelie’s facilities for personal use. To help initiates keep track of their progress, Seelie provides each of them with a cellular.

As far as Seelie’s troupe in Torsten is concerned, however, many of these standards are waivered and the Program has accepted a broad spectrum of initiates regardless of their ability.

Seelie themselves remain blissfully unawares.