Examinations, eBooks and 2016

It’s the start of a new year, but not quite the start of a new episode – that comes next week 😉 If you’re wondering, I added the extra week break between episodes to make sure I could get everything done in time. Truth is, so long as I have to work part-time, I can’t dedicate a full day to writing, and producing a full 52 chapters a year (or 46, with interlude) is simply too much. With the present arrangement I’ll put out a more manageable 40 chapters a year – roughly 5 episodes. That’s about seven hundred Real Book Pages, if you’re wondering. If I can ever muster enough of an audience to work a Patreon, or other such crowdfunded endeavour, I can adjust my Paid Work accordingly and, hopefully, produce more (if I could work on this full-time, I think I could produce 6-7 episodes a year, maybe more!).

Anyhow, that’s my excuses out of the way. In the meantime, you can read some short articles on the history of the Sophist Aristocracy and the structure of Seelie. Also, the third episode is now downloadable on the ebook page, or you can recall what just happened with the recap. Also, the full cast page now covers everything up to the present chapter 🙂

(see, this break between episodes gives me chance to do stuff like that, too!)

As for 2016, I’ll be covering five episodes this year (chapters 25 through 65). You can see the schedule for the upcoming episode on the archives page, if you really want to know exact dates. Meanwhile, I now have to spend the week tidying up chapters 25-28, which involves locking down a lot of background details because we’re about to take a nice, long holiday in the sun…

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