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December Update

Just some stuff on plans for 2017 and shiz.

November (December?) Update

Which month in this?! At any rate, here are some musings on NaNoWriMo and an update on Episode Six…

October Update

A new thing where, to tide over the breaks in story and keep people reassured that I haven’t just abandoned it, I write a monthly update on “things” that are “happening”.

Chapter 38: A Game of Chance

Emily had a feeling they didn’t get this far through skill and cunning. “I still can’t believe they’ve made a spectator’s sport of this,” she said. “It’s just a card game.” Witness the future of card game entertainment in Chapter 38! Maybe.

Chapter 36: The Scrying Game

Emily winced at the thought. It wasn’t her. It wasn’t Emily. Emily was better than that. And yet… One liar against another as Emily tries to find her ‘alternative’. Meanwhile, Dante angsts. Read it all in Chapter 36!

Chapter 31: Irrefutable Evidence

“If I were you,” said Mr al-Hakim, “I would make sure that you are recording this.” Read Chapter 31

Chapter 30: The House of the Soulless

The door burst open and gunfire filled the hallway. As a shower of brain matter spewed across his face, Dante stumbled back and ducked for cover behind a mahogany cabinet. When one headless body fell twitching, two more staggered forward. Read Chapter 30

Chapter 29: The Prophecy

Everywhere Emily looked there were signs of the synthetic, from rolling fields of wild turquoise dotted with ‘herbal baths’ and ‘relaxation pools’, to thick groves of cerulean and silver, pumping copious amounts of Aethex into the atmosphere, where it could shape and reshape itself to provide whatever reality its overseers desired. Read Chapter 29

Chapter 28: An Illusion of Paradise

And then they ascended the stairs into the daylight, and Dante saw Avalon for the first time. Avalon, and the truth. Read Chapter 28

Chapter 27: Nothing But Blue Skies

She placed her fingertips on the back of his hand. This was the moment, this was when her world came crashing down. All she had to do was smile. Read Chapter 27!