December Update

So much for publishing Episode Six before the end of 2016. What a shit year it’s been! I’ve plotted out a tentative work schedule for the first half of 2017, however, and I’m pretty certain that E6 will see the light of day before January is out (although I will probably just serialise it as usual, rather than put everything out at once). There will be another break after that, because I want to continue work on E7-12, the first draft of which should be finished by the end of April. I plan to be more open about the writing progress from here on out, and might even include something on the main page to indicate what I’m working on, and what stage everything is in. That way, everybody can have a better idea of what I’m getting up to (I’m forever paranoid that people might think I’ve abandoned the series XD).

But yes, 2016 has been thoroughly awful, hasn’t it? I’m trying to channel my general frustrations into writing motivation, but the holidays have gotten in the way of things and, to be perfectly honest, I’m not what you could call a healthy person – I am a writer, after all! Hopefully, 2017 will bring more stable moods and less swinging from extremities. I could certainly do with a good few months of mania to start the year!

November (December?) Update

So, I tried piggybacking on that whole NaNoWriMo thing in the hopes it would motivate me to write a big chunk of story.

It didn’t really work. As I suspected, the NaNo environment, for want of a better term, isn’t for me. There’s too much emphasis on word counts. It reminded me of all those pointless ‘achievements’ you get in modern video games. Seeing people discuss methods of inflating their word count so they could hit the ‘target’ and get the ‘medal’ just depressed me, so I turned my back on it and reread some Plato, along with the Odyssey, to help me find the ‘voice’ for Episode Seven.

And then I printed off Episode Six – all 150 pages! – and started going through it with highlighters (blue: check the continuity for this; green: expand on this; yellow: revise/rewrite this; orange: maybe cut this; pink: definitely cut this!). I think I need to cut out something like five thousand words? Maybe eight thousand. This includes merging two chapters into one. Maybe I should post old drafts at some point?

Anyhow, I’ll be back later in the month with (hopefully) Episode Six along with tentative plans for 2017 (hint: don’t expect anything early in the year).

October Update

The end of 2016 is fast approaching, and I made a promise to myself that I would see Episode Six released before it was through. I intend to keep that promise, even if I have to release all eight chapters, in bulk, on New Year’s Eve.

However, I’m certainly not helping matters by using November to blitz a first draft of episodes seven and eight. December is going to be fun, for sure!

But yes; I’ve spent most of October prepping for that, making notes for the third draft of Episode Six, and generally sprucing up this here website. It still needs a lot of work, obviously, but then you could say the same about the story it’s hosting, as it all equals out!

Examination: The Wings of Seelie

Torsten troupe’s youngest officer, Tes Anderson, takes a look at the most vital component of Seelie’s uniform.

Episode Five Interlude

Rembrandt Payne sipped at his tea and winced. It was cold from neglect. Closing his eyes, he let his mind wander, his soul reach out…

Chapter 41: Unmasqued

No, she could never go back. It was time to accept the truth. Time to accept reality — and the reality was that this world was fucked. Not just a little, but massively, insanely, completely and utterly fucked

Chapter 40: Samsara

The boy reached out. All he had ever wanted, all he had ever desired, and all he had to do was take her hand, surrender himself, his soul…

Chapter 40 is caught between a giant cockney octopus and some deep, dark dreams…

Chapter 39: Scylla and Charybdis

“Is this Avalon?” asked Emily. Avalon, she thought, stripped of all its lies.

While Emily’s date gets awkward, Dante, Byron and Lance get into a fight! It’s all happening in Chapter 39!

Chapter 38: A Game of Chance

Emily had a feeling they didn’t get this far through skill and cunning. “I still can’t believe they’ve made a spectator’s sport of this,” she said. “It’s just a card game.”

Witness the future of card game entertainment in Chapter 38! Maybe.

Chapter 37: Chasing Emily

“And this,” said Chris, “is why we have the Prometheus Clause.”

While Dante and Lance run into a spot of bother with the local authorities, Emily has a fun time at a casino. It’s time for some non-stop comedy with Chapter 37!