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December Update

Just some stuff on plans for 2017 and shiz.

November (December?) Update

Which month in this?! At any rate, here are some musings on NaNoWriMo and an update on Episode Six…

October Update

A new thing where, to tide over the breaks in story and keep people reassured that I haven’t just abandoned it, I write a monthly update on “things” that are “happening”.

Examination: The Wings of Seelie

Torsten troupe’s youngest officer, Tes Anderson, takes a look at the most vital component of Seelie’s uniform.

Episode Five Interlude

Rembrandt Payne sipped at his tea and winced. It was cold from neglect. Closing his eyes, he let his mind wander, his soul reach out…

Chapter 41: Unmasqued

No, she could never go back. It was time to accept the truth. Time to accept reality — and the reality was that this world was fucked. Not just a little, but massively, insanely, completely and utterly fucked…

Chapter 40: Samsara

The boy reached out. All he had ever wanted, all he had ever desired, and all he had to do was take her hand, surrender himself, his soul… Chapter 40 is caught between a giant cockney octopus and some deep, dark dreams…

Chapter 39: Scylla and Charybdis

“Is this Avalon?” asked Emily. Avalon, she thought, stripped of all its lies. While Emily’s date gets awkward, Dante, Byron and Lance get into a fight! It’s all happening in Chapter 39!

Chapter 38: A Game of Chance

Emily had a feeling they didn’t get this far through skill and cunning. “I still can’t believe they’ve made a spectator’s sport of this,” she said. “It’s just a card game.” Witness the future of card game entertainment in Chapter 38! Maybe.

Chapter 37: Chasing Emily

“And this,” said Chris, “is why we have the Prometheus Clause.” While Dante and Lance run into a spot of bother with the local authorities, Emily has a fun time at a casino. It’s time for some non-stop comedy with Chapter 37!