Profiles v2

Byron d’Arcadie

Birthday: 26th May
Initiate Rating: 8646 (23/32)
Interests and Hobbies: Poetry, demonology, storytelling, book collecting, gardening

Self-proclaimed poet laureate of Torsten, Byron set off on a journey when he was still just a boy, before settling at the Ritches Estate and joining the Initiate Program. A philosophical and thoughtful man, Byron has little time for those who declare themselves ‘saviours’ and abhors slavery in all its forms.

Shelley Eoghan

Birthday: 1st November
Initiate Rating: 12353 (12/32)
Interests and Hobbies: Writing, reading, aether studies, cross-country running

The daughter of a famed Seelie officer, Shelley is a quiet but capable initiate with a love of writing and old typewriters. A frequent victim of bullying, thanks in part of her mother’s reputation, Shelley prefers to keep to herself, but is good friends with both Emily and Alonie, despite their personal feud.