Byron d’Arcadie

Birthday: 26th May
Initiate Rating: 8646 (23/32)
Interests and Hobbies: Poetry, Mythological Studies, gardening

A Teller of Stories and Collector of Tales.
Self-proclaimed poet laureate of Torsten, the philosophical and thoughtful Byron has a wealth of worldly experience that belies his age and intimidates his peers. Studied in multiple works of demonology and mysticism, he has little time for those who abuse such powers to proclaim themselves ‘saviours’.

Shelley Eoghan

Birthday: 1st November
Initiate Rating: 12353 (12/32)
Interests and Hobbies: Writing, reading, aether studies, cross-country running
The daughter of a famed Seelie officer, Shelley is a quiet but capable initiate with a love of writing and old typewriters. A frequent victim of bullying, thanks in part of her mother’s reputation, Shelley prefers to keep to herself, but is good friends with both Emily and Alonie, despite their personal feud.