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The Initiates

Dante Orpheus

Birthday: 21st December
Initiate Rating: 7799 (25/32)
Interests and Hobbies: Lunar observation, puzzles, studying, training, painting
A stoic and introverted young man who studies with Seelie so that he might one day travel to Malkuth and reunite with his mother. Dante takes a dismissive view of people’s supernatural beliefs and their fears that Theia might fall from the sky, and instead seeks scientific explanations for oddities such as faeries and the Erebus. This is all a facade, however, a desperate attempt on Dante’s part to win the approval of Malkuth’s rulers, the Saptamatrikas, so that they might allow him entry into the City. After the events surrounding the Midsummer exams, his mask begins to crack and he realises, despite his attempts at denial, that his mother did not leave for Malkuth willingly — and that the powers that forced her surrender are now after Emily, too. Casting aside his faith in the Saptamatrikas and their promise of Paradise, he steps up to protect his friend and redeem himself for failing his mother. Unfortunately for Dante, he is not the hero he always wanted to be, and his efforts leave him hospitalised — and Emily vanished.

Emily Fomalhaut / Aliza Adel

Birthday: 7th January
Initiate Rating: 9955 (18/32)
Interests and Hobbies: Singing, reading
An orphan whose Malkuthian parents died when she was still a child, Emily is a popular and spirited initiate who is always supportive of her friends. Or, at least, that’s the image she wants people to see: in truth, she is Aliza Adel, a seer whose past — both as Aliza and as the vigilante known as ‘the Macha’ — was so filled with pain and trauma that she made a deal with Prince Freyr of the Sidhe to start over as another person. In exchange, however, Freyr wants her to use her abilities as a seer to infiltrate the hearts, minds and souls of her friends in search of the Erebus, the cursed power that Emily herself carries. Uncomfortable with the consequences, Emily desperately seeks an alternative means of repaying the Prince and, during the initiates’ holiday to Avalon, believes she has found it when she learns of a plot to bring down the Sidhe Court. To acquire the information she needs, however, she is forced to embrace her true identity and, both afraid of reuniting with her friends and determined to expose the schemes of Ketos alone, sets off beyond in borders of Avalon in search of answers.

Joel Gibson

Birthday: 21st May
Initiate Rating: 6644 (28/32)
Interests and Hobbies: Guitar, songwriting, gigs, gaming
A carefree musician with aspirations of becoming a famous hero, the perennially underachieving Joel is good friends with Dante and seeks to drag him out his introverted shell. His efforts led to disaster when he took Dante to the World’s End nightclub and allowed him to get drunk.

Kaori Shimomura

Birthday: 5th July
Initiate Rating: 12045 (14/32)
Interests and Hobbies: Dressmaking, songwriting, drumming
The proud daughter of Commander Shimomura, who takes her beliefs in the Sidhe extremely seriously and doesn’t suffer fools — least of all her boyfriend, Joel — gladly. Kaori wants to become a Seelie officer on par with her mother. She has a history with Emily and Leira, and was a part of their vigilante group, the Daughters of Ernmas, where she went by the name of Nemain.

Doyle Kennedy

Birthday: 17th May
Initiate Rating: 11044 (16/32)
Interests and Hobbies: Boxing, monster hunting, drumming
A former soldier in the Torsten militia, Doyle joined the Initiate Program on the recommendation of his superior officer. Not the fastest of thinkers, Doyle is afraid of hitting twenty before he has a chance to settle down.

John Smith

Birthday: 17th June
Initiate Rating: 13607 (11/32)
Interests and Hobbies: Old World technology, information gathering, cybersecurity
Considered the technical genius of the Second Class, John is the son of the Theatre’s chief engineer and follows his ideal of ‘lateral thinking with seasoned technology’. As a member of Veritas, John is helping to crack the secrets of Avalon, and has managed to win the Sultan’s trust.

Lysander Goodfellow

Birthday: 1st April
Initiate Rating: 12210 (13/32)
Interests and Hobbies: Shenanigans and japes
A seasoned prankster, Lysander is rarely seen without his partner-in-crime, Angelo, and takes great delight in teasing Chris Shaw.

Angelo Foley

Birthday: 7th January
Initiate Rating: 13970 (5/32)
Interests and Hobbies: Theatre work, costume design, gymnastics
A boy with a penchant for antiquated plays, which he often expresses through his strange taste in fashion, Angelo is rarely seen without his best friend, Lysander.

Katrina Ritches

Birthday: 17th February
Initiate Rating: 13970 (6/32)
Interests and Hobbies: Photography, spelunking, animals
An adventurous photographer and sole heir to the Ritches Estate, whose orphans consider her something of a big sister figure. She is always looking out for her friends and is quick to anger when somebody hurts them. As a core member of Veritas, Kat relayed information to Emily that helped her to realise what was really going on in Avalon.

Byron d’Arcadie

Birthday: 26th May
Initiate Rating: 8646 (23/32)
Interests and Hobbies: Poetry, demonology, storytelling, book collecting, gardening
Self-proclaimed poet laureate of Torsten, Byron set off on a journey when he was still just a boy, before settling at the Ritches Estate and joining the Initiate Program. A philosophical and thoughtful man, Byron has little time for those who declare themselves ‘saviours’ and abhors slavery in all its forms. He is particularly close to Emily and, after learning of her troubles with magic-wielding stalkers, sets out to help her. Unfortunately, this ends with him a captive of the Sultan, who forces him into a coliseum battle against the monstrous Charybdis.

Leira Byrne

Birthday: 21st June
Initiate Rating: 8602 (24/32)
Interests and Hobbies: Books, gardening, Judo, songwriting, guitar, keyboard, cats
Emily’s close friend, who considers herself the last survivor of the Fianna, a vagrant tribe who disappeared when she was still a child. Irritable and paranoid — she spells her name ‘Lira’ to avoid potential hexes — Leira has little trust in Seelie and only attends the Initiate Program to keep Emily out of trouble. The two of them once formed the Daughters of Ernmas, an underground vigilante group whose disruptive actions eventually forced their relocation to the surface. Indeed, such is her influence on Emily that Prince Freyr made sure Leira avoided the initiates’ holiday to Avalon.

Theseus Armstrong

Birthday: 19th November
Initiate Rating: 13827 (8/32)
Interests and Hobbies: Martial arts, football, model-kits, collecting weapons
The son of a farmer and a former soldier in the Torsten militia, Theseus wants nothing more than to live a normal life. Unfortunately, joining the Initiate Program has seen him roped in Phoenix Rogan’s investigation team, Veritas.

Vincent Masters

Birthday: 19th December
Initiate Rating: 4059 (32/32)
Interests and Hobbies: Songwriting, poetry, guitar, football
An initiate who would rather spend his time smoking Byron’s homegrown herbs than he would studying.

Tennyson Grey

Initiate Rating:
Interests and Hobbies:

Oscar Whittlesey/York

Birthday: 7th September
Initiate Rating: 7304 (26/32)
Interests and Hobbies: Horse riding, writing, rugby cookery, eating
A well-spoken and handsome initiate who likes to dabble in long-winded prose and romantic poetry — and so seems himself as something of a rival to Byron’s claim of being Torsten’s ‘poet laureate’. He is also the son of Lord York, a wealthy member of the Sophist Aristocracy who sent his son to Seelie in the hopes of digging up dirt on Director Guirlande. Their plan almost succeeded, too, but for Prince Freyr’s intervention leaving them none the wiser to their revelations — and Oscar no closer to inheriting his father’s wealth and title.

Ville Adonai

Initiate Rating:
Interests and Hobbies:

Shelley Eoghan

Birthday: 1st November
Initiate Rating: 12353 (12/32)
Interests and Hobbies: Writing, reading, aether studies, cross-country running
The daughter of a famed Seelie officer, Shelley is a quiet but capable initiate with a love of writing and old typewriters. A frequent victim of bullying, thanks in part of her mother’s reputation, Shelley prefers to keep to herself, but is good friends with both Emily and Alonie, despite their personal feud. She used to be friends with Dante, too, but he pushed her aside after his mother disappeared, while her friendship with Kaori deteriorated when Kaori stole her then-boyfriend, Joel. One friend who refuses to leave her side, however, is Shuck, a spirit trapped within the Scar, who Shelley saved from the Erebus. Acting as something of a mentor towards Shelley, Shuck helped her to combat the Sophist Aristocracy when they attempted to arrest the initiates for entering the Scar. Although unwilling to demonstrate it around others, Shelley has learned how to astrally project by studying her mother’s library of books.

Alonie Kent/Adel

Birthday: 7th January
Initiate Rating: 6600 (29/32)
Interests and Hobbies: Simulation gaming, keyboard, cosplay
An aloof young woman and friend of Shelley’s, with an interest in Malkuthian culture and little time for people’s superstitious beliefs in fairy tales. She is actually Emily’s twin sister and heir to their mother’s position as Oracle — something she would rather not acknowledge. Thanks to events in the Scar, however, Shelley became aware of her inheritance, and so Alonie is keen to escape into Avalon’s myriad illusions.

Phoenix Rogan

Birthday: 22nd August
Initiate Rating: 14311 (3/32)
Interests and Hobbies: Investigative journalism, conspiracy theories, local politics
A determined young woman who leads a team of amateur investigators, Veritas, Phoenix has something of a paranoid streak and rarely knows when to quit a line of questioning. She is leading her team in an investigation of Avalon, in the hopes of exposing its dirty secrets to the world.

Andromeda Blumstein

Birthday: 11th May
Initiate Rating: 14014 (4/32)
Interests and Hobbies: Engineering, rugby, card games, writing/journalism
Morose and perennially sleep-deprived, the overworked Annie is the most down-to-earth of the core Veritas team and serves as the anchor for the Theatre’s local news reports.

Denny Odette

Birthday: 16th May
Initiate Rating: 14641 (1/32)
Interests and Hobbies: Tutoring, parkour, baking
Emily’s housemate, who achieves well in everything she attempts, but otherwise keeps to herself.

Chris Shaw

Birthday: 13th July
Initiate Rating: 9370 (20/32)
Interests and Hobbies: Pulp fiction, card games, jigsaw puzzles
A Malkuthian immigrant who isn’t afraid to demonstrate his technological know-how, Chris considers himself something of a roguish playboy and dashing hero — an image no doubt influenced by his love of pulp fiction stories. His behaviour is partially a ruse, however, as he is actually an agent of the Prometheus Foundation, sent to investigate Torsten’s oddities — and keep an eye on Lysander Goodfellow. A strong deliverer that technology can be dangerous if left in the wrong hands, he took a particular interest in Avalon, joining forces with Veritas to investigate its synthetic smuggling racket, and helped Emily in her mission to infiltrate the Sultan’s palace.

Lance Algar

Birthday: 11th November
Initiate Rating: 10835 (17/32)
Interests and Hobbies: Gymnastics, fashion design, baking
A competent gymnast and part-time model, Lance has an overactive imagination and often makes acute observations that others might miss. Despite growing up in poverty, he has struck up an odd friendship with Malkuthian immigrant Chris Shaw.

Blake Osbourne

Birthday: 1st July
Initiate Rating: 5236 (31/32)
Interests and Hobbies: Gaming, demonology, illustration, music
A laid-back initiative with little interest in study. He often hangs around with the equally carefree Vincent.

Ceres Mendoza

Birthday: 3rd April
Initiate Rating: 13706 (10/32)
Interests and Hobbies: Flower arranging, writing, ceremony, sculpture
Orphaned when the Sophist Aristocracy massacred her people, Ceres hides her pain behind a cherry, hedonistic exterior. Although she likes to flirt with others, Ceres is fiercely loyal towards her girlfriend, Korrie-Anne. The pair of them helped Emily confront a magic-wielding stalker on their first day in Avalon.

Korrie-Anne Wedekind

Birthday: 12th August
Initiate Rating: 9317 (21/32)
Interests and Hobbies: Ceres
Flighty and idealistic, but also rather naive, Korrie-Anne is the sort of person who hates injustice and will stop at nothing to punish evildoers — especially those who threaten her beloved Ceres. Or, indeed, those who threaten to come between them!

Hermia Adelheid

Birthday: 12th March
Initiate Rating: 14498 (2/32)
Interests and Hobbies: Sport, football, tutoring, healthy living
A Malkuthian orphan who arrived in Torsten alongside Horatio, the enthusiastic Hermia has something of a competitive streak, but always encourages her friends to do their best.

Horatio Stark

Birthday: 27th March
Initiate Rating: 13926 (7/32)
Interests and Hobbies: Athletics, cricket, business studies, monster hunting
A mild-mannered Malkuthian orphan who lives with Dante, Horatio is always engaging in some kind of sport of training exercise and holds numerous local records.

Astrid Guirlande

Birthday: 29th May
Initiate Rating: 11605 (15/32)
Interests and Hobbies: Tennis, reading, exercise, country walks
Daughter of Sophist Director Rosencrantz Guirlande and the late Princess Anastasia Guirlande, Astrid attends the Initiate Program at her father’s behest, believing it her job to observe Seelie and its questionable actions. When Rembrandt Payne sent the Second Class into the Scar, she thought it the perfect opportunity to both earn her father’s approval and learn about the ‘Agnoia’, an entropic miasma of ignorance that the Sophists oppose. A follower of Hagia Sophia’s teachings, she believes in questioning everything.

Elizabeth Canterbury

Birthday: 23rd February
Initiate Rating: 6391 (30/32)
Interests and Hobbies: Fashion, hairdressing, netball
Astrid’s loyal friend and handmaiden, who has little love for Seelie or her fellow initiates, but puts up with them for Astrid’s sake. The Founding Father ordered her mother executed, alongside Astrid’s, for the crime of heresy, making a fearful Elizabeth extremely devoted to the Aristocracy’s cause.

Vesperia Firenze

Birthday: 3rd February
Initiate Rating: 9614 (19/32)
Interests and Hobbies: Sports, martial arts, weight lifting, parkour
A former orphan who Director Guirlande selected to act as his daughter’s bodyguard, Vesperia is soft-spoken but mature for her age.

Amanda Hartell

Birthday: 2nd October
Initiate Rating: 13794 (9/32)
Interests and Hobbies: Drama, playwriting, dressmaking
An anxious young woman and member of Veritas. Though she appears timid, Amanda can be sharp with others, and doesn’t like people telling her what to do.

Torsten Troupe

Chief Rembrandt Payne

Birthday: June 30th
Position: Chief of Torsten Troupe
Interests and Hobbies: Tea, collecting action figures
A decorated hero of the Apostle Wars, Chief Payne hides years of pain and trauma behind an eccentric and friendly facade that leaves many questioning his ability to leads a Seelie troupe. Despite appearances, however, he takes his job very seriously, and considers the Sophist Aristocracy’s attack on the Donara one of his greatest failures. Allied with Dionysus and aware of his plans, he selected five of his best officers to accompany the initiates to Avalon.

Commander Yuki Shimomura, “The Serene Raven”

Birthday: August 27th
Position: Head of Torsten Troupe’s Áine Division, Second-in-Command of Torsten Troupe
Specialist Subjects: Music, Empathy Studies
A Seelie officer who commanded Rembrandt Payne’s band in the Apostle Wars and now serves as his second-in-command. An audiomancer and empath by trade, she is skilled at using music to control the moods of others.

Commander Amber Thorbjorn

Birthday: 11th August
Position: Head of Torsten Troupe’s Thetis Division
Specialist Subjects: Culture Studies, Social Studies
Rembrandt Payne’s childhood friend and closest confidant, who served alongside him during the Apostle Wars. Payne selected her to lead the team accompanying the Second Class initiates to Avalon, where she came to Emily’s aid during her quest to learn more about her pursuers.

Commander Azhara’d al-Hakim, “Seven Blades”

Birthday: 11th November
Position: Head of Torsten Troupe’s Ishara Division
Specialist Subjects: Combat Studies, Survival Studies
The elder of the al-Hakim brothers, Azhara’d is a renowned swordsman whose strict, disciplined lessons have earned him the respect of many an initiate. Upon arriving in Avalon, he infiltrated the ranks of the local sultan.

Commander Sohrabarak al-Hakim, “The Lightning Shaper”

Birthday: 3rd March
Position: Head of Torsten Troupe’s Amaterasu Division
Specialist Subjects: Historical Studies, Archaeological Studies
The younger of the al-Hakim brothers, Sohrabarak abandoned his people to hunt ancient treasures. Unlike his stoic brother, he is a cheerful man with a quick wit and relaxed attitude. Chief Payne charged him with watching over Emily during the initiates’ time in Avalon, and he came to his students’ aid when the Sultan of Bolventor used them as bait to force her surrender.

Captain Natalia Espinosa, “Donara’s Orphan”

Birthday: 14th February
Position: Áine Division, Astral Department
Specialist Subjects: Meditation Studies, Nature Studies
A survivor of the Donara, the stern Natalia is a skilled projectionist who can split her consciousness between multiple avatars. Chief Payne assigned her to keep an eye on the initiates during their stay at Avalon.

Lieutenant-Commander Laura Clarke

Birthday: 2nd February
Position: Ishara Division, Head of Medical Department
Specialist Subjects: Mathematics, Medical Studies
Chief medical officer of the Torsten troupe

Lieutenant Lucia James, “The Magic Gun Alchemist”

Birthday: 4th October
Position: Ishara Division, Weapons Development
Specialist Subjects: Science, Technology
A certified genius with an overenthusiastic love for chaos and destruction.

Lieutenant Valentine Baudin

Birthday: 5th September
Position: Thetis Division, Intelligence Department
Specialist Subjects: Journalistic Studies, Mythological Studies
A man who once accompanied Sohrabarak al-Hakim in his travels, Valentine has a reputation for intrigue and espionage, but few of his peers trust him.

Lieutenant Lia Ixchel

Birthday: 4th April
Position: Amaterasu Division, Spellwriting Department
Specialist Subjects: Art and Crafts, Drama
An artist whose rebellious antics saw her cast out of Seelie until Rembrandt Payne recognised her potential and recruited her into his troupe.

Lieutenant Tes Anderson, “The Scourge of Lemegeton”

Birthday: 24th August
Position: Thetis Division, Translation Department
Specialist Subjects: Languages, Literary Studies
Chief Payne’s newest — and youngest — recruit, who took up teaching having grown disillusioned with front-line work.

Captain Winnifred Y Ddraig Goch

A living ship that takes the form of a large, dragon-like creature. Actually the synchronised spirit of two entities — Winnifred and the Y Ddraig Goch — she is an old friend of Rembrandt Payne’s and helped to transport the Second Class initiates to Avalon.

Cyrus Aides

Dante’s absent father and wayward member of the Donara. He fought alongside his future wife, Ophelia, during the Apostle Wars. Cyrus was friends with Emily’s parents and fought alongside them when Pleiades sent a gestalt their way the night the Sophist Aristocracy attacked the Donara. After Ophelia disappeared, he left Torsten, only communicating with his son through letters. Unbeknownst to Dante, the cloak he believes his mother’s actually belonged to Cyrus and, according to Emily, at least, father and son bear an uncanny resemblance.

Ophelia Orpheus

A Maiden of the Orpheus bloodline and decorated Seelie officer, who served in the Apostle Wars before retiring to Torsten, when she had her first and only child — Dante. She surrendered herself to Arided, a woman from Malkuth, to bring an end to the Sophist Aristocracy’s attack on Torhout Forest. A friend of Emily’s mother, Aliana Adel, Ophelia suffered from the madness associated with the Erebus. Despite this, she was an accomplished painter and a close friend of Princess Europa Colibri.

The Sidhe

Princess Phantasia Caelestis

A friendly, lively spirit who believes it is her duty to save the world. She appeared in Torsten on the last day of the Midsummer exams, determined to understand the human world and made as many friends amongst the Second Class initiates as possible. She formed a particularly strong bond with Emily and, after an impromptu appearance to save her new friends from the Erebus, promised to find out what, exactly, her role in Prince Dionysus’s investigation really is.


Princess Phantasia’s retainer, who prefers to keep herself hidden from human eyes.

Prince Dionysus Serpentarius

A thoughtful and well-regarded lord of the Áes Uisce who acts as a guardian and advisor to Princess Phantasia. His investigations into the nature of the Erebus have seen him take particular interest in Torsten and its denizens, enough that he formed alliances with both Rembrandt Payne and Rosencrantz Guirlande. However, this curiosity now sees him standing trial before the Sidhe Court accused of treason, with Emily — Aliza — the key to a guilty verdict.

Queen Thetis Mysticeti

Leader of the Áes Uisce, the People of Water, and one of the founders of the modern Sidhe Court.

Prince Freyr Venris

An anarchistic lord of the Áes Gaeth and close companion of Prince Dionysus. Two years ago, he helped Emily Fomalhaut to escape her past, and has now asked that she return the favour by scrying her friends for information on the Erebus.

Queen Áine Echraide

Leader of the Áes Gaeth, the People of Wind, and one of the founders of the modern Sidhe Court.

Princess Europa Colibri

A Sidhe princess who was friends with Dante’s parents during the Apostle Wars.

The Sophist Aristocracy

Director Rosencrantz Guirlande

The stern head of the Sophist Aristocracy’s Torsten branch and constant thorn in Rembrandt Payne’s side. He used to be a Seelie officer, but abandoned the organisation after taking a dim view of its activities, and when Chief Payne sent the initiates into the Scar, Guirlande moved to protect them — despite the risk it posed to his own position. Familiar with Prince Dionysus, Guirlande’s keen analytical skills allowed him to discern Emily’s true identity, as well as the fate of Ophelia Orpheus.


A quiet Donaran boy who serves as the Director’s aide.

Lord Basil York

One of Torsten’s most prominent landowners and businessmen, who works to subvert Seelie’s influence over the town. He doesn’t trust Director Guirlande and plots with other local lords to remove him from power.


A survivor of the Donaran massacre who now serves as Lord York’s assistant.

Lord Durham

A local lord who swears allegiance to the Aristocracy.


One of the Sophist Aristocracy’s Founding Fathers. He spearheaded the attack on Torhout Forest six years ago.

Torsten Residents

Aliana Adel

Emily’s mother, who escaped the attack on Aliyah Adel’s temple and later assumed her role as Oracle. She was acquainted with Dante’s parents and vanished the same night Ophelia Orpheus left for Malkuth. Emily places the blame on an unknown force called ‘Pleiades’.

Sitar Sepulturero

Emily’s father. He was last seen trying to protect his wife from the gestalt Pleiades had sent to Torsten.

Verraden Sepulturero

Sitar’s brother, with whom he entrusted his daughter, Alonie and, later, her sister, Aliza. Obsessed with earning entry into Malkuth, he once attempted to assassinate one of the Sophist Aristocracy’s Founding Fathers using Alonie and Aliza as bait. Years later, the latter would start to wonder about his connections to Pleiades and Arided, the woman who spirited Dante’s mother away.

Aliyah Adel

Former Oracle of Torsten. She was captured when raiders located her temple.

The Duke

A powerful figure in the Torsten underground and a veteran of the Apostle Wars. When he was a young man, the Duke had a fateful encounter with Emily’s grandmother, Aliyah Adel, and has been smitten with the Maiden bloodline ever since. He took a particular interest in Dante the night he visited the World’s End.

Arachne du Sade

A graduate from Seelie’s Initiate Program, who uses the World’s End to escape her day job. Joel tried to set her up with Dante in an attempt to cheer his friend up, but she soon saw through his lies.

Joel’s Father

A bitter old man who lost his wife to despair many years ago. He lives in the catacombs with his son, where he runs a small brewery.


A spirit who resides within the Scar. Shelley helped him to escape the clutches of the Erebus by giving him a new identity based on things she had read about in her mother’s books.

The Donara and Torhout Forest

Hirune Mendoza

A Donaran chieftain and close friend of Ophelia Orpheus. She died fighting the Sophist Aristocracy’s invasion of Torhout Forest.]] Ceres is her daughter.

Oihana Wieland

A Donaran warrior and associate of Ophelia Orpheus. She lost her life when the Sophist Aristocracy began their fiery purge of Torhout Forest.

Tycho Wedekind

A synthetic rodent with a human soul, who lives within Torhout Forest. He tried to help Dante overcome the forest’s illusions, but Dante refused to believe he was real.

Avalon and Bolventor


A young faerie who runs a sanctuary for those who wish to escape Avalon’s illusions. He offered to help Emily and her friends in the hopes it would win him favour with the Sidhe Court.

Jasmine Järvi

A local seer who spends a lot of her time at the House of Himeros.

Jacyntha Järvi

A local seer. She tried to help Byron and Doyle track down Emily.

Jadwiga Järvi

The local Oracle. The Sultan believes she is planning to usurp his position and take over Bolventor.

Khurshid Sultan

Current lord of Bolventor and ally of the Fortunate Isles, who command Avalon. He tried to manipulate Emily, believing she would ally with the local Oracle against him, but ended up incurring Seelie’s wrath when he ordered the deaths of their helpless initiates.

Margh Teague

The Sultan’s chief of security and clandestine agent of Seelie. He helped Azhara’d al-Hakim earn a place as part of the Sultan’s honour guard.

Giovanni Veres

The Sultan’s contact with the Fortunate Isles, who has sway over the local Seelie troupe. He is also something of a celebrity amongst the coliseum crowd and its fans, both hosting tournaments and himself a champion card gamer.

The Bestes Enys Brenn

A pair of feline synthetics, also known as “the Beasts of Bodmin”. The Sultan sent them after Emily, but they failed to persuade her surrender.


An octopian synthetic that battles in the local coliseum games. The Sultan pitted him against Dante, Byron and Lance in a failed attempt to coerce Emily away from Jonas Mireille.

Rorric Yenta

An agent of the Fortunate Isles. He tried to manipulate Emily with the magic of Ketos, only to end up in Seelie custody, where he later died on a heart attack.


An agent of the Fortunate Isles. He also tried to coerce Emily with magic, and was later found dead from a presumed heart attack.

Jonas Mireille

One of the Sultan’s advisors, who works with the coliseum synthetics. In truth, he was an agent of the Matriarch, the true power behind Avalon, and ardent of Ketos, whose power he used to try to capture Emily. Emily herself left him for dead after scrying his soul and learning his secrets.

The Matriarch

A mysterious woman who holds power over Avalon and uses its allure to collect and harvest souls. Emily learned of her existence when she scried Jonas Mireille.



A shapeshifting automaton that works for Pleiades. It seems interested in Emily.


An unknown entity believed to have a connection to the Sidhe Court, who has granted magic powers to various individuals in an attempt to capture Emily.


A frail entity who began communicating with Emily after she met Jonas Mireille. She has some connection to Princess Phantasia and has promised Emily her protection.


The woman who appeared before Ophelia Orpheus and sent her to Malkuth. She convinced a young Dante to cast aside his beliefs and embrace the teachings of the Saptamatrikas.