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The Legacy of Dionysus

Prince Dionysus Serpentarius of the Áes Uisce means to change the world. He has come to the conclusion that the only way to stop the spread of the Erebus lies in shattering the barriers between the Light and the Dark. To do so, he enlists the help of Phantasia Caelestis, a mysterious young girl with powers beyond ordinary Sidhe. What Phantasia doesn’t realise, however, is that Dionysus has powerful enemies – and secrets that could irrevocably reshape the world for the worse…

3/3/17: I’m taking a break for a few days before I get to work on drafting episodes seven-through-twelve. Yes, that’s a lot of work! Hopefully, I should be finished by the start of summer, with E7 itself appeared sometime in the autumn. I’ll be keeping this page updated in the meantime, for those who like to bookmark it. Alternatively, you can follow things on Facebook or Comic Rocket. I’m also going to leave the comments open below, in case you ever feel like shouting at me about delays XD

28/4/17: Currently looking to start Episode Seven in September. Hopefully, if all goes to plan, I’ll be running the series six episodes at a time, September-through-May with a break for summer from here on out. I only recently learned that the amount of effort I put into redrafting and revisions is actually on par with people who actually earn money from this sort of thing. Yeah, I honestly thought I was only putting in 6/10…

10/8/17: The gap between these updates should clue you in to how often I turn my PC on (I do all my writing on an internet-less laptop). I’m not sure about that September release now, not so much because it’s impossible but (as was the case with E6) for quality reasons. For one thing, I want to finish writing up to the end of E12 before I go back to revise things. Also, E7 will involve various amounts of poetic metre, which is a pain to write consistently and to good-enough quality. Presently, therefore, I’m looking at a vague “Autumn 2017” release for E7 and “Winter 2017” for E8.

Yes, I know, I probably need to make these release gaps more palatable for today’s instant gratification audiences. No, I’m not just going to dump half-finished writing online just to keep up some self-imposed deadline :p

19/9/17: I have acquired an actual proper laptop, which has provided something of a boost to my productivity (and given me internet access at my desk). I’m not making any promises as far as scheduled releases go – I probably won’t have this 40+ chapter draft finished until the end of October – but I will be tinkering with ideas for the website and possibly even working on some new artwork (I now how a touchscreen, which has revolutionised my usage of Photoshop…). On the plus side, however, I can at least assure you that, once the series does start up again, it will be a good while before the next break!


  • Kirothius says:

    To be honest, I thought your story was dead because there hadnt been any updates for so long… or at least the front page didnt appear to have updated at all… Anyway, it’s good to see you’re still writing. I for one will now continue to wait for the next update.

    I hope you have some fun with it, and hope that you can update earlier than planned.

    • Dary says:

      Thanks! (It’s taken me far too long to respond to this…)

      Keeping everything updated is a pain, because there’s there’s so many places people might look for news. I’ve got some minor site revisions in the pipeline that should hopefully address that, but they’re taking a backseat to the actual writing.

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