Episode One Recap


Desperate to escape her past, Aliza Adel heads for a meeting with the Sidhe prince, Freyr, who has promised to grant her wish for a new life.

Chapter 1: The Girl from the Sky

While studying Theia’s orbit to prove that the moon isn’t about to fall from the sky, Dante Orpheus meets a curious, but strange young girl with an interest in his studies. Dante convinces himself that she must be an agent from the nearby City, Malkuth, sent to test his suitability for citizenship. His housemate, Emily Fomalhaut, an orphan whose parents escaped the City when she was just a child, suggests otherwise, however: she believes the girl one of the Sidhe, a supposed race of supernatural beings whom the City declares an illusion. Adamant that such things do not exist, Dante reveals his intention to earn a place in Malkuth, leading a troubled Emily to promise she will prove him wrong.

Chapter 2: Of Sophists and Seelie

Emily discusses the situation with her close friend, Leira,  who doesn’t trust the Sidhe and thinks the mysterious girl’s appearance a part of their scheming — little realising that Emily herself has a history with them. Emily’s worries are further justified when she runs into Director Guirlande of the Sophist Aristocracy, who is investigating the girl’s activities and their probable connection with Seelie, the Sidhe-backed organisation whom Emily and her friends are currently studying with. Upon arrival at Seelie’s local headquarters for the last day of their summer exams, Emily learns the girl is Princess Phantasia Caelestis, of the Court of Queen Thetis, and that their final assignment is to investigate the Sophist Aristocracy’s attack on Torhout Forest and its people, six years ago — an event that led both Emily and Dante to lose their mothers to mysterious circumstances.

Chapter 3: Torsten Underground

Dante is undertaking one of Seelie’s tests alongside his friends Byron d’Arcadie and Joel Gibson. Seelie wants them to search the town catacombs for some enigmatic ruins that might shine a light on what happened six years ago. Dante, who would rather not think about the day his mother disappeared, is not keen to continue, but helps his friends regardless. However, when he is tasked with putting aside his rational beliefs to step through an illusionary wall, he finds himself at a literal dead end. Unwilling to give into his gut instincts, Dante forfeits the exam.

Chapter 4: Just Like Old Times

Emily searches for the ruins alongside Leira and their friend Kaori. They have no trouble passing through the illusionary wall and find themselves in an old surveillance station. Digging deeper, they discover that the station is still active and was used to observe everything happening in the catacombs, until an undetermined force cut its powers short. Uncomfortable with what they have found, Emily sabotages the system, shutting it down. Afterwards, Emily and Kaori join Dante and Joel as they head for their next examination — in the very forest where Dante lost his mother, six years ago.

Chapter 5: Eyes of the Forest

Dante enters the forest, planning to use a local network of synthetic trees — Malkuth’s attempt to repair the damage left by the Sophist Aristocracy’s attack — to prove Phantasia a technological illusion, rather than a member of a supernatural race. Emily grows uncomfortable with their synthetic surroundings, however, especially when confronted with a soulless ‘avatar’ — the illusion of a person created through airborne nanomachines. Dante’s attempt to use these machines to locate their goal — a hidden shrine — backfires when Emily uses them to prove Phantasia is not a product of their illusions. Convinced otherwise, Dante ignores her warnings of magical hexes protecting the forest and heads off without her. As she is about to follow, Emily finds herself in the company of Prince Freyr, the Sidhe who granted her a new life two years previous…

Chapter 6: Voices from the Aether

Prince Freyr questions Emily’s interest in the ignorant Dante, but decides to comply with her wishes to show him the truth: by trapping him in an illusionary world that forces him to confront the facts about his mother’s disappearance that he has been trying to ignore. Dante’s distress leads him into another encounter with Princess Phantasia, though he ends up thinking everything a sleep-deprived hallucination. As he makes his way to the shrine, Emily learns that Prince Freyr needs her help.

Chapter 7: Shrine to the Fallen

Dante finds the forest shrine — and the remains of a flying ship that crashed there six years ago. Its existence raises further questions about what really happened the night his mother disappeared, though he manages to reconcile his findings with his personal beliefs. Upon leaving the forest, he crosses paths with Emily, who tries to introduce him to Prince Freyr. Although Freyr hides his presence, Dante is disturbed enough to flee the forest in denial. Emily is not happy with the Prince for his trickery, and finds some unexpected support from another of his kind: Prince Dionysus, who proceeds to introduce her to Princess Phantasia.

Chapter 8: Emily and Truth

Emily heads to the forest shrine alongside Princess Phantasia, whom she learns has powerful cognitive skills comparable to her own. Phantasia finds it strange that Emily would deny her own powers and identity, however, especially when Emily uses her skills to ascertain that Phantasia is herself not alone, but accompanied by an invisible companion. Their sharing of secrets allows the two girls to bond, though it leaves Emily wondering if Phantasia is herself as much a pawn as she now feels, thanks to Prince Freyr’s request of her. After leaving the Princess behind, she heads for her final examination, where she is forced to team up with the girls from Veritas to take part in a simulated recreation of the Sophist attack on the forest.

Chapter 9: A Message from the Past

Through the simulation, Emily learns about the Sophist genocide of the forest people, the Donara, and how Seelie ordered Rembrandt Payne, Chief of the local troupe, not to get involved. Haunted by the events of that night, Payne went on to create the simulation so he might find a way to prevent them from ever happening again. After the exam, Phoenix Rogan, the head of Veritas, confronts Emily about her relationship with the Sidhe and the fate of her parents. Although Emily manages to avoid exposing her cover story, she is disturbed when Phoenix makes an off-hand mention of her uncle, Verraden, whom her parents sent her to stay with the night they disappeared. She recalls her father’s last words to her, about a woman called Ophelia, who fell victim to an unknown entity he called ‘Pleiades’. Back in his apartment, having quit the remainder of his exams, Dante watches a video diary of his mother, Ophelia Orpheus…


Rembrandt Payne is contemplating the twisted nature of the day’s events when Prince Dionysus visits him with a troubling proposition…