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A small, riverside town a hundred kilometres north of the City of Malkuth. Torsten acts as a cultural crossroads and trading point between the vagrant tribes of the surface, the denizens of the underground catacombs, and the City’s emigrants.


A self-contained city the size of a mountain, once sealed to the outside world but now open to those deemed worthy enough of its technological wonders.


A philanthropic organisation representing an alliance between humanity and the Sidhe, who are dedicated to revitalising the ruined world and protecting it from cataclysmic forces. They gained fame – and infamy – for their vital role in the Apostle Wars.

The Sophist Aristocracy

A powerful nobility who use Old World business practises to increase their power and influence. They oppose the easy life promised by modern technology, and believe people should earn their place in society through hard work.

The Sidhe

A race of spirits from a higher realm, who spent thousands of years avoiding contact with humans, but have now emerged from hiding to ally themselves with them, in the hopes of saving the world from the Erebus.

The Old World

The period of human history before the rise of the arcologies. The period of transition between the old era and new is shrouded in mystery, thanks to a period of global catastrophe referred to as ‘the Great Cataclysm’, where the ocean rose up to obliterate the bulk of human civilisation.

The Erebus

An unknown force that spreads across the world like a cancer, bringing with it hopelessness and despair.


The Moon, now much closer to Earth than recorded history, has taken on this identity to reflect its continual descent.