Major Characters

Orphic Phantasia features an ensemble cast that grows, shifts and changes as the series progresses. So as not to spoil too much, here are some of the characters who show up during the initial episodes.

For a complete, alphabetical cast list (up to the end of Episode Six), see here.

Dante Orpheus

Birthday: 21st December
Initiate Rating: 7799 (25/32)
Interests and Hobbies: Selenology, Survival Studies, puzzle games

A Boy Who Lost the Will to Dream.
A stoic and introverted young man who once dreamed of meeting the Sidhe, but now spends his days seeking rational explanations for society’s beliefs in falling moons and immaterial spirits. Though his aloof nature keeps people at a distance, it also masks a deep vulnerability and need for external validation.

Emily Fomalhaut

Birthday: 7th January
Initiate Rating: 9955 (18/32)
Interests and Hobbies: Singing, Social Studies, collecting books

A Seer of Things Invisible.
A popular and spirited initiate who wants nothing more than to live a peaceful life in the country—or so she claims. Behind Emily’s carefree facade lies a cynical and troubled young woman haunted by the tragedies of her past. Prone to impulsive decisions, she drags herself through life one day at a time.

Katrina Ritches

Birthday: 17th February
Initiate Rating: 13970 (6/32)
Interests and Hobbies: Photography, Archaeological Studies, marksmanship

Our Friendly Neighbourhood Sharpshooter.
An adventurous photographer who has never much cared for keep out signs, Katrina is the sole heir to the Ritches Estate and surrogate sister to its many orphans. Although she is as skilled with a rifle as she is a camera, she deplores mindless cruelty—but harm her friends and you will suffer the consequences.

Byron d’Arcadie

Birthday: 26th May
Initiate Rating: 8646 (23/32)
Interests and Hobbies: Poetry, Mythological Studies, gardening

A Teller of Stories and Collector of Tales.
Self-proclaimed poet laureate of Torsten, the philosophical and thoughtful Byron has a wealth of worldly experience that belies his age and intimidates his peers. Studied in multiple works of demonology and mysticism, he has little time for those who abuse such powers to proclaim themselves ‘saviours’.

Leira Byrne

Birthday: 21st June
Initiate Rating: 8602 (24/32)
Interests and Hobbies: Music, Literary Studies, crystal magic

Last Breath of the Fianna.
Emily’s close friend, the irritable and paranoid Leira has little love for Seelie and only attends the Initiate Program to keep Emily out of trouble. A reckless individual, she believes the name of her people should live on in song and deed, and so has little interest in settling down or relationships.

Joel Gibson

Birthday: 21st May
Initiate Rating: 6644 (28/32)
Interests and Hobbies: Guitar, Music Studies, video games

The Son of Death Bastard!
A carefree musician with aspirations of becoming a famous hero, the perennially underachieving Joel is good friends with Dante and is determined to drag him out his introverted shell. Owns a guitar-sword he calls ‘RagnaRock’, which he insists is a genuine weapon and not a theatrical prop.

Chris Shaw

Birthday: 13th July
Initiate Rating: 9370 (20/32)
Interests and Hobbies: Pulp fiction, Historical Studies, card games

The Player of Games.
A young man from the City, who joined Seelie’s Initiate Program for unknown reasons. Rationally minded and unafraid to demonstrate his technological know-how, Chris considers himself something of a roguish playboy and dashing hero-in-waiting. Often confers with his A.I assistant, the Lady Diablo.

Shelley Eoghan

Birthday: 1st November
Initiate Rating: 12353 (12/32)
Interests and Hobbies: Writing, Language Studies, aethescopy

A Girl Who Speaks with Spirits.
The daughter of a famed Seelie officer, Shelley is a quiet but capable initiate with a love of writing and old typewriters. Though afraid to admit it in public for fear of mockery and reprisal, she has taught herself the art of astral projection, and is friends with an immaterial being she calls Shuck.

Phoenix Rogan

Birthday: 22nd August
Initiate Rating: 14311 (3/32)
Interests and Hobbies: Journalism, Investigative Studies, conspiracy theories

Seeker of Truths.
A determined young woman who leads a team of amateur investigators, Phoenix has something of a paranoid streak and rarely knows when to quit a line of questioning. Though often bossy and manipulative, her heart is in the right place, and she is a stalwart opponent of tyranny and injustice.

Astrid Guirlande

Birthday: 22nd August
Initiate Rating: 14311 (3/32)
Interests and Hobbies: Metalwork, Cultural Studies, badminton

The Forgotten Jewel of Chamonix.
Daughter of Director Guirlande, Astrid attends the Initiate Program at his behest, believing it her duty to observe and report on any questionable activity. Though despised by her peers, Astrid is an intelligent and perceptive woman, loyal to her beliefs and disdainful of those who abuse them.

Rembrandt Payne

Birthday: June 30th
Position: Chief of Torsten Troupe
Interests and Hobbies: Tea drinking, strategic simulations, collecting action figures

Fabled Hero of the Apostle Wars.
Also known as “the Fox Star”, Chief Payne leads Seelie’s Torsten troupe and heads up the Initiate Program, aimed at scouting out local potential. Many find it hard to equate the eccentric Chief with the figure said to have ended the Apostle Wars, but his closest allies swear their lives to his cause.

Rosencrantz Guirlande

The stern Director of the Sophist Aristocracy’s Torsten branch and constant thorn in Rembrandt Payne’s side. Yet despite his poor reputation within Seelie, Guirlande is a skilled orator popular with the common citizens of Torsten, in whose best interests he proclaims to serve.

Phantasia Caelestis

A lively spirit who appears one day and declares it her duty to save the world.