December Update

So much for publishing Episode Six before the end of 2016. What a shit year it’s been! I’ve plotted out a tentative work schedule for the first half of 2017, however, and I’m pretty certain that E6 will see the light of day before January is out (although I will probably just serialise it as usual, rather than put everything out at once). There will be another break after that, because I want to continue work on E7-12, the first draft of which should be finished by the end of April. I plan to be more open about the writing progress from here on out, and might even include something on the main page to indicate what I’m working on, and what stage everything is in. That way, everybody can have a better idea of what I’m getting up to (I’m forever paranoid that people might think I’ve abandoned the series XD).

But yes, 2016 has been thoroughly awful, hasn’t it? I’m trying to channel my general frustrations into writing motivation, but the holidays have gotten in the way of things and, to be perfectly honest, I’m not what you could call a healthy person – I am a writer, after all! Hopefully, 2017 will bring more stable moods and less swinging from extremities. I could certainly do with a good few months of mania to start the year!

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