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Chapter 26: Y Ddraig Goch

Dante stepped forward and the world around him stretched out like rubber, then snapped with a silent pop. The field was still there, the surrounding trees, the morning sky, everything as it was and as it should be — except for one very large and very obvious difference. Read Chapter 26

Chapter 25: The Morning After

Phoenix gestured her baton and a wave of blue letters traced themselves across the lounge wallscreen, spelling out ‘The Fortunate Isles’ to the sound gentle waves and the squawking of birds. “This,” she said, “is Avalon.” Read Chapter 25

Examinations, eBooks and 2016

It’s the start of a new year, but not quite the start of a new episode – that comes next week 😉 If you’re wondering, I added the extra week break between episodes to make sure I could get everything done in time. Truth is, so long as I have to work part-time, I can’t […]

Episode 3: Interlude

His eyes moved around the table, from Commander to Captain to Lieutenant and back. Had he the choice, he would have assigned them all to this mission, but there was too much at stake. One wrong move and his enemies would bring down everything they had worked to accomplish. Read the Episode Three Interlude

Chapter 24: The Day That Never Came

As Dante made to leave the abandoned studio, he noticed a crack in the corner, a dark shadow of a door that creaked in a still breeze. There was something about it, some invisible light that stood out from its dim surroundings, a whisper in the silence that begged him to enter. Dante wasn’t sure […]

Chapter 23: The Night Everything Changed, part two

Finally, after all these years and all his longing, he was in the presence of true royalty. He was in the presence of the Sidhe. Read Chapter 23

Chapter 22: The Night Everything Changed, part one

Dante was reluctant to leave his mother alone, even though their burrow was small and she was never more than a dozen feet away. The madness fed on loneliness. Read Chapter 22

Chapter 21: Spiral

‘I regret to inform you that I just encountered a rather inebriated Orpheus staggering about the World’s End. I thought you might like to know in advance of any inevitable mishaps, and would like to assure you that this is entirely Gibson’s doing.’ Read Chapter 21

Chapter 20: Poison

(opps, completely forgot to schedule this post >_>) By the time they reached their destination, the thought-numbing allure of the Gibson family beer had started to wane, leaving Dante to wonder whether Joel’s plan was such a good idea after all. Sure, he needed an escape, but this? The next drink couldn’t come soon enough. […]

Chapter 19: Distraction

But there was only one answer that made sense. A simple answer that would explain the fogs and the need to contain them. A simple answer that would explain the white-haired princess and her strange behaviour. A simple answer that would unravel every assumption. Read Chapter 19