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Chapter 36: The Scrying Game

Emily winced at the thought. It wasn’t her. It wasn’t Emily. Emily was better than that. And yet… One liar against another as Emily tries to find her ‘alternative’. Meanwhile, Dante angsts. Read it all in Chapter 36!

Chapter 35: A Bold Venture

It was all Emily’s idea. Dante had only gone along with it because he didn’t have a better one. Dante’s forced to be a little pro-active for a change? Read Chapter 35 to see how he handles it…

Chapter 34: Beneath the Surface

“This is an interesting piece of technology you have here,” said Emily. Read Chapter 34 and see inside the workings of paradise as Emily and Dante blunder from one encounter to another.

Chapter 33: Three Eyes Open

“In the meantime,” Emily reached over and took his hands in hers, “you ready for some practise?” Read Chapter 33

The Ranks of Seelie + Episode Five Schedule

This week you can read a piece by Rembrandt Payne on Seelie’s officer ranks. Meanwhile, here’s the schedule for Episode Five: Beneath the Surface. Nine chapters this time! Mar 28th: Chapter 33 Apr 4th: Chapter 34 Apr 11th: Chapter 35 Apr 18th: Chapter 36 Apr 25th: Chapter 37 May 2nd: Chapter 38 May 9th: Chapter […]

Episode Four Interlude

“Ah, Azhara’d,” the Sultan lifted a hand in greeting, “good morning! I trust you slept well?” Read the Episode Four Interlude

Chapter 32: Acceptance

I didn’t know what else to do, so I did the only thing I could… Read Chapter 32

Chapter 31: Irrefutable Evidence

“If I were you,” said Mr al-Hakim, “I would make sure that you are recording this.” Read Chapter 31

Chapter 30: The House of the Soulless

The door burst open and gunfire filled the hallway. As a shower of brain matter spewed across his face, Dante stumbled back and ducked for cover behind a mahogany cabinet. When one headless body fell twitching, two more staggered forward. Read Chapter 30

Chapter 29: The Prophecy

Everywhere Emily looked there were signs of the synthetic, from rolling fields of wild turquoise dotted with ‘herbal baths’ and ‘relaxation pools’, to thick groves of cerulean and silver, pumping copious amounts of Aethex into the atmosphere, where it could shape and reshape itself to provide whatever reality its overseers desired. Read Chapter 29