Orphic Phantasia

Orphic Phantasia

– a mystopian faerie tale –


The world is dying. Every day, the Moon’s orbit deteriorates. With science unable to provide an answer, people turn to the Old Ways for salvation, to the supernatural world and its otherworldly courts, who see humans as little more than pawns and playthings in their myriad schemes.

But Dante doesn’t believe the world is ending. He thinks it an illusion created to control people. He wants to overcome the lies and earn a place in the distant City, whose inhabitants no longer believe in such superstitious nonsense as ‘magic’.

When an encounter with a mysterious girl casts new and troubling light on all he assumes real, however, a tentative Dante begins his search for the truth, and answers to three very important questions:

Who are the Sidhe? What is the Erebus?
And why did his mother leave him, six years ago, for the mountainous arcology of Malkuth?



Orphic Phantasia is the result of a dream mixed with a lifetime of fascination with ancient mythology and folklore. It is an attempt to spin a tale of gods and monsters in a future age where science has deciphered the secrets of all we once held arcane. But this is not a story of an epic quest, of a Hero’s Journey to overcome Evil – this is a story about people, and the effect such a world might have upon their lives. It is a story about identity and truth, about the lies we tell ourselves and the lies we tell others. It is a story spanning centuries, a story of lives long and lives short, a story of stories, their threads spinning together, weaving, repeating.

It is also the story of an idiot with an invisibility cloak, a princess who just wants to make friends, and the many various and wonderful characters, past and present, whose lives they touch. A strange fantasy, you might call it, a mysterious composition, an Orphic Phantasia.


Current Status

May ’18: Clean-up on the story is now complete! Now cleaning up the site itself, before spending the rest of spring/summer writing. News about the next batch of chapters to follow shortly.

Next Episode: The Legacy of Dionysus

Release Date: Autumn 2018


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