Orphic Phantasia

– a mystopian faerie tale –

The world is dying. Every day, the Moon’s orbit deteriorates. With science unable to provide an answer, people turn to the Old Ways for salvation, to the supernatural world and its otherworldly courts, who see humans as little more than playthings for their amusement.

But Dante doesn’t believe the world is ending. He thinks it an illusion created to control people. He wants to overcome the lies and earn a place in the distant City, whose inhabitants no longer believe in such superstitious nonsense as ‘magic’ and ‘faeries’.

And then, one day, he meets a girl with a promise to save the world…

Coming Soon: Episode Six

The Other Side

#42: The Seer and the Shadow Oct 31st

#43: Changing Perspective Nov 7th

#44: A Poet’s Contemplation Nov 14th

#45: The Hardest Word Nov 21st

#46: Shelley and the Artist Nov 28th

#47: Lessons in the Aether Dec 5th

#48: The Oracle and the Oligarch Dec 12th

#49: The Other Side Dec 19th

IN6: Interlude Dec 26th

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